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Business Audit.

LHP Audit offers a unique approach to auditing that goes beyond what traditional national firms provide. We understand the importance of local knowledge and personalised service, which is why we assign a dedicated audit manager and team who truly care about your business. 


With seven branches across the region, we are well positioned to provide one of the best local audit services to all of our clients. 


Traditionally, many business owners have viewed the annual audit and preparation of the annual accounts as a necessary inconvenience. 


However, what if your annual audit could actually help you to save money, achieve efficiencies, and secure your business even more? 


At LHP, we not only assist you in meeting statutory requirements, but we also take advantage of the opportunity to review your financial and management systems.


Our goal is to identify areas of improvement that could benefit your company and its shareholders significantly. 


Furthermore, our team is available throughout the year to provide you with any necessary advice or answer any questions you may have.


In addition to helping you meet statutory requirements, our audit and assurance reports also allow third parties such as financiers, grant makers, customers, and suppliers to understand that the presented accounts are prepared by a trustworthy company, and the figures are reliable. 


If you are unsure about the recent clarity ISA's or FRS 102 changes, our team is always available to provide clarification and guidance. 

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