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R&D Tax Services.

At LHP we offer assistance with SME R&D tax relief. 


For larger enterprises, we also provide guidance on research and development tax credit (RDEC), a unique form of relief specially designed for encouraging innovation in big businesses. 


Additionally, SMEs that have conducted R&D work as subcontractors for a larger company are also eligible to claim RDEC.


Our team of R&D experts are available to answer any questions you may have and help your business take advantage of the innovative work you're undertaking. 


We encourage you to reach out to us today to discuss how we can best support your business.

Help for Farmers with R&D Tax Credits


Farmers can use R&D tax credits to inject cash flow into their farms, via the R&D tax credits scheme. To see if you can apply, and for R&D farming examples, we’ve made a short guide below. Our dedicated farming pod is also here to help.


Help for Engineering Businesses With R&D Tax Credits


The R&D tax credits scheme allows businesses in the engineering industry to reduce corporate tax bills or get tax refunds based on a proportion of R&D expenditure. 

The scheme can be used by any limited company liable for corporation tax in the UK and meets the necessary R&D criteria; it can even be used on unsuccessful projects. 

The work that qualifies for R&D tax relief must be part of a specific project which aims to make an advance in its field. 


Our tax team is here to help.


Find out how you can capitalise on R&D tax relief.

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